Underwater video of some of the 3000 pounds of Rainbow Trout and 500 pounds of Lightning Trout that were stocked at the Diamond Valley Marina launch ramp on Thursday, October 29, 2020. Fish from the Mt. Lassen hatchery went in around 6am and scattered a bit when boats started launching from the ramp.

Video here shows some of the fish lingering around the ramp and nearby shoreline while they orient themselves to the lake. Fish were large (2-3lb average) with some very big Rainbows and Lightning Trout in the mix to make things interesting. Most fish caught today were along the shoreline east of the launch ramp and mini jigs with gold flecks seemed to be productive.

Fishing should get ever better as these fish settle into Diamond Valley Lake and begin feeding over the next 5-7 days. Bass and Striper bite on as well … fishing forecast very good at Diamond Valley for  next week and beyond.