If you have your reservation confirmation number, as long as you have a photo ID and this number you will be allowed in.
Yes, reservations are not required at Diamond Valley Lake. Reservations for boat rentals can be made online or on a same day, walk-up basis. Parking, launch and fishing access fees can be paid for at the gate (or marina) on arrival to Diamond Valley Lake.
You need a $11 parking/vehicle entry fee. You will also need a $9 Fishing Access Pass and $4 shoreline fee. No reservation is required; you can pay for all of those items at the gate when you arrive.
Yes, subject to availability. You can extend your reservation to a full day by paying the difference when you arrive. Please inform the Marina staff when you are filling out your boat rental form.
No, reservations are non-transferable.


Go to the Policies: Quagga Inspections page for more information or call (877) DVL-LAKE (385-5253) and select option 4.
Go to thePolicies: Boating Guidelines page for more information or call (877) DVL-LAKE (385-5253) and select option 3.
The sticker is good as long as the boat or motor does not change.
No, there is no charge for boat inspections.
Gas needs to be MTBE-free. As of 3/31/04, all gas stations in California sell MTBE-free gas.
All rental boats are supplied with life jackets for every person on the boat.
We have 3 courtesy docks with 3 launchable lanes due to current water level. At higher water levels 11 launchable lanes are available.
We have the 2003/3 Triton 1756SC aluminum boats with a Johnson 25 HP 4-stroke outboard and an aerated live well. The boat capacity is 4 people or 650 lbs.
We have the 2003/4 Triton 1756SC aluminum boats with a Johnson 25 HP 4-stroke outboard motor and Motorguide 43 LB trolling motor. The boats also have 2 fishing seats, depth/fish finders and an aerated live well. The boat capacity is 4 people or 650 lbs.
We have the 2003/4 Tracker Fishin’ Barge 21 with a Tracker 40 HP outboard. The boats also have 4 fishing seats, 70″ of bench seating, an 8-foot Bimini top. The boat capacity is 8 people or 1800 lbs.
No, we do not have marina slips available to the public.


Largemouth Bass: 5 fish, must be over 15 inches
Smallmouth Bass: 0 possession, must be caught and released
Trout: 5 fish
Catfish: 10 fish
Largemouth, smallmouth and black bass, channel and blue catfish, rainbow trout, bluegill, redear sunfish, tule perch, inland silverside, prickly sculpin, green sunfish and threadfin shad.
Except for smallmouth bass, as long as the fish meet the size and limit requirements you can keep them. Smallmouth bass are catch and release only. We do urge people to catch and release the warm water species.
Florida Largemouth – stocked 1999
Smallmouth Bass – stocked 2000
Rainbow Trout – stocked 2000
Northern Bluegill – stocked 1998
Southern Bluegill – stocked 1998
Redear Sunfish – stocked 1998
Channel catfish – stocked 2001
Blue catfish – stocked 2001
Tule perch – stocked 2000
Inland silverside – introduced with water
Prickly sculpin – introduced with water
Green sunfish – introduced with water
Threadfin Shad – introduced with water
All anglers age 16 and over need to have and display a valid California Department of Fish and Game license.
  • Children under the age of 16 can fish under their parent’s or guardian’s license. Limits apply to a single license.
The $9 Fishing Access Pass is required for everyone fishing, both adults and children. Fees collected are used to stock trout and maintain the fisheries.
Shore fishing is allowed in designated areas only. There are approximately 3 miles of shoreline accessible. The area is ¼ mile from the parking lot and is a moderate to difficult hike on an unpaved fire road.
Lures, dough baits, cut bait and nightcrawlers/red worms and crickets are all allowed. No live bait is allowed, i.e. fish, frogs, etc.
No. Currently we do not have running water at the marina area, preventing fish cleaning stations from being installed.

General Recreation

The parking fee is the vehicle entry fee. If you are bringing a vehicle into Diamond Valley Lake and need to park, it you need to pay $11.
Currently due to safety concerns, you cannot walk in or bike into Diamond Valley Lake.
The shore fishing area is 1/4 mile from the parking lot, and is a moderate to difficult hike on an unpaved fire road.
A 20-minute visitor’s pass can be issued between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm.
No, we currently do not have camping facilities.
No, float tubes are not allowed.
Approximately 300 boats total can be allowed on the lake. This will also vary on parking, lake conditions, water level and weather conditions.
The Marina store is stocked with prepackaged snack foods, i.e. chips, candy, beef jerky, bottled and canned beverages.
Yes, the Senior discount is 25% off boat rentals thursday thru Friday non-holidays. This discount cannot be combined with other discounts offered.
For directions, visit the Location page or call (877)DVL-LAKE and go to option 1.
No pets are allowed at Diamond Valley Lake.
No BBQ’s, campstoves or any open flames are permitted.
RV’s are allowed, however, they must leave the parking area at sunset.
Currently the only entrance to the Marina is the east entrance on Searl Parkway off Domenigoni Parkway.
Diamond Valley Lake covers 4,500 acres.


In 1998, California Department of Fish and Game Biologist Mike Giusti began cultivating a model, multi-tier fishery. Black bass, perhaps the favorite quarry of Southern California fishermen, were established with broodstock in a rearing pond, built in what is now the lake bottom. With that head start, the first spawn are now as large as three pounds.

Water began pouring into the reservoir in November 1999 and the lake was filled by early 2002. Diamond Valley Lake holds 800,000 acre-feet, or 260 billion gallons of water. By comparison, Lake Havasu, on the Colorado River, holds just 648,000 acre-feet or 201 billion gallons.